My apologies


Dear readers,
I have felt the need to address book 3 to you because I feel badly.

Over a year and a half ago my husband injured his head and was forced to work part-time from home. Unfortunately more recently (over the summer) he started feeling worse and hasn’t been working at all. I have been working full-time from home earning money to support the family, taking care of our children and the home. This has been quite stressful and time consuming. I’ve been very frustrated not being able to deliver book 3 sooner, because I had planned on being much further along than I am. BUT I want to assure you that I have made it a priority to work on it over weekends and free moments because Chance and Ana really want their story told. I am VERY excited to tell this story. It is very fun to write and I really can’t wait to release it. Do I have a release date yet? Unfortunately no. I don’t want to put the pressure on myself to complete it by a specific date, but I will let you all know when we are getting very close.

Want to help me out? If you love the series, share it with your friends! Tell them about it and if you have the time, leave a review so others can find to love Chance and Ana too.

Knowing there are people out there that care about my characters as much as I do warms my heart and I want to thank you for reading and leaving me notes. It means a lot to me. Now without further ado, I’m going to go back to writing, because we all know that’s what you really want me to do!

Natasha Brown

11 comments on “My apologies

  1. Shanon Hite on said:

    Family should always come first. Although I would love to see book 3 published and will get it right away when it is, I for one completely understand the delay and hope things get better for your family and your husbands health improves!

  2. Pat Amsden on said:

    I hope your husband is doing better and getting the help he needs. Family comes first. Since I’ve just discovers you that will keep me busy for awhile. I suspect your writing will be stronger than ever however when you get back to it although I realize at this time that’s cold comfort.

  3. Linda Meyer on said:

    I was sorry to hear about your husband when you posted it happen last year! I’m only disappointed that you never went back to finish the Shape Shifter Series.
    I wish you the best, but I won’t be trying any more of your books at this time. I hate getting involved in a book series only to have it just stop.
    I used to buy books from another source and this happened more than once, so I tried through BookBub.
    All the best to you!
    Linda Meyer

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Hi Linda,
      I totally know what you mean about getting into a series and having to wait so long. I appreciate your note very much and your wait, but I’ve got good news! I’m almost done with book 3! You won’t have to wait much longer now…the only thing I haven’t decided on is the title ;-)

  4. Devin Zilligen on said:

    Of course family comes first, and I want to say that you haven’t even kept me waiting the longest. For your book, I’ve probably been waiting like a year and a few months? (Read both your books in one night, haha). Another series I’ve been reading, I’ve read the first 9 books, and then I’ve had to wait at least 4-5 years for book 10 to coke out. But apparently the 9th book was actually completed 15+ years ago. So I’m just saying you shouldn’t feel bad for waiting to complete the 3rd book. Just thought I’d let you know that.

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Hi Devin – thanks for your words of encouragement! The great news is I’m just about done writing Emergence and I CAN’T WAIT to get it out to the public. Thanks for your patience :)

  5. Jeanne on said:

    I so love this series. What wonderful books. I’d be glad to share and tell all to read it. I have a son who is trying so hard to become a famous writer.☺ He just received his first contract. Wish us luck as I do your future and your families.

  6. Eva Rodriguez on said:

    Hi Natasha
    I LOVE the shapeshifter Series and since I just finished book three…Emergent…like 10 minutes ago I have to KNOW when will we see book 4?????? I just hope it’ll be soon.


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