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“Fledgling is a beautifully crafted story and a fantastic read for any age. I eagerly await the second installment in the series!” – Martha Bourke, Author of The Jaguar Sun series

“Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I love all the elements of this story and how eloquently it was written. The characters are likable and draw you in to this secret magical world where love and a sense of family exists. I’m excited for more!”

59 comments on “Home

  1. Mary Josefina Cade on said:

    I loved this book (see my review on Amazon) and I also love the new cover. A beautiful image from a beautiful book

  2. Troy Horne on said:

    Really great book! Thanks for sharing! So how do we get Ana back to CO! :)



  3. carrie on said:

    When will book 3 be out? I loved the others thank you

    • writersd3sk on said:

      I am completing a middle grade story now and I’m ITCHING to get back to Chance and Ana. I will do my best to finish it as soon as possible not to keep my fans waiting :)

  4. Clarissa Carney on said:

    Loved the books. Just want to know when book 3 comes out. Thanks

  5. Carey Slade on said:

    I have read both of the books…one question.. When will the next one be out? I can’t wait..devowerd both books in two days! Please let me know asap.
    Peace love & light
    Carey Slade

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Wow – I’m glad you enjoyed them so much! I will get to work asap on book 3 so you can read it (hopefully, by the year’s end). Reviews are always welcome and appreciated!

  6. Dorothy Cunningham on said:

    Love your Books. But you made me break one of my rules. I never pay for books. Yet I bought the second because I had to find out what happened to my friends. Can’t wait for the third.

  7. Kay Kay on said:

    I have yet to read your books but I’ve heard they are really good. I can’t wait to finally get my hands on them!!! I love reading and hope I don’t gobble them up too fast. If they’re as good as all your fans say they are, I’ll hav to write about them on my blog. Book Gobbler at Blogger.com. =D

  8. Brenda on said:

    When is the third book due out?

    • writersd3sk on said:

      I’ve working on it now. I don’t have a release date set yet, but will post more info when I get closer. Thanks for reading!

  9. kathleen on said:

    Absolutely loved both books. Could not put them down! Hurry Book 3, we need you!

  10. Dee McDaniel on said:

    Read both your books today. Can’t wait for the next one! Chance and Ana have to get back together!

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Thank you Dee! I can’t wait to finish book 3 for you.
      If you take a moment to leave a review, it’s always appreciated! XO

  11. Pattianne on said:

    Loved both books and literally read them back to back in two days! Do you have a release date for book 3 yet? Can’t wait to see how the ending plays out!!!!!

  12. Vivian on said:

    Loved your books. Can not wait for the 3rd one.

  13. Always a lover of children and young adults’ literature, I am happy to add these two books to the list that can recommend to my friends for their children to read. The characters suck you in right away, and there is an element of tension that makes you want to read faster, (like that will help the characters… lol..) Well written and good storyline, AND the two characters remain chaste despite their growing attraction to each other. I should probably write a separate comment on Prodigy, but in my mind they have a natural continuation.
    Good job!

  14. Loved! Got my comments out of order, but I loved these two books and am anxious to get the next. Thanks for the nice diversion on these hot summer days. (I should say summer day… I read both in one day.)

  15. heather on said:

    I really enjoyed your well drawn characters and great story. Any idea when the third book will be ready for us?

  16. I read The Fledgling and immediately bought The Prodigy. You have me totally hooked on the Ana/Chance story and I can hardly wait for the 3rd book to become available!

  17. I loved the books. I cant wait till you finish the next one! I really enjoy your writing!!!!!

  18. Kathleen Vert on said:

    I just finished PRODIGY, can’t wait for book 3. A great story, impossible to put down.

  19. I love your books! I fell in love with Fledgling, and am now in the middle of Prodigy. I love how you add small things in the plot to make the book move forward. Thank you so much! I hope your husband is doing better!

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Thank you so much Sara! My husband is doing a little better, but his disability was recently approved which means I don’t have to work so often and that means more writing time :-)

      • That’s great that your husband is getting better! And it’s also great that you’re being able to write more often! Can’t wait for the third book!

  20. Peggy J Krotz on said:

    Loved one and two can hardly wait for three

  21. Kayland Shepard on said:

    I really loved reading your books . I’m fifteen and hope to become an inspiring author myself. The way you put so much feeling and thought into your books makes one breathless for more. I hope I can achieve what you have. I can’t wait to read the third installment to this series its very fascinating in catchy! I wish you luck and success. :)

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Thank you Kayland! I’m working on editing Emergent right now and I hope you enjoy it as much as the first two books.
      If you push yourself to succeed, I KNOW you can become anything you want to be. Don’t let yourself give up and it can happen. You can’t publish a book that hasn’t been written ;-)

  22. Shari Storey on said:

    I love the series, can’t wait for #3,

  23. Carey Slade on said:

    I just read the latest of your series, couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait for the next one! So hurry up please :)

  24. Will there be a book 4??

  25. samantha on said:

    Is there a possible release date for the 4th book yet?

    • writersd3sk on said:

      No release date as of yet, but I’ve been writing furiously this weekend, inching closer to the finish line. I will have it done by the spring but I hope it will be sooner. I will make an announcement when I get closer to the end of the story. I’ve started a new job and have many responsibilities that keep me from writing full time, but I am SUPER excited to give my readers the conclusion to Ana and Chance’s story. I will do my best to finish it quick. Thank you so much for reading XO

  26. Tina Richardson on said:

    Loved your books…read each book in 1night and now can’t wait for the conclusion of the series…I live in Australia and was wondering what month approximately the last book will be released please…Thanking you xoxoxo

    • writersd3sk on said:

      I don’t have an exact month, but expect it will be available in the spring. Thank you for reading! So happy you’re enjoying the series XO

  27. Arayshea on said:

    Loved book 3 can’t wait for book 4 any idea on the release date great writing style better than most book I have read !!xoxo

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Thank you so much! That means so much to me. I’m busy writing the ending of book 4 now. I don’t have an official release date, but I expect it should be either the end of March or beginning of April. :-)

  28. 3 Amazing books. You are a awesome Writer. Myself and My daughter have enjoyed reading the first 3 books and can not wait for the fourth. We both have read the books at least twice and we are waiting on pins and needles to see whats in store for Ana and Chance..Thank you for your books and hopefully, maybe, this amazing story can become a MOVIE!!!

    • writersd3sk on said:

      OMG, wouldn’t that be exciting? I am so touched that you and your daughter have read it together and multiple times! I can’t wait for you to read the last book as well, which will be soon. Thank you for reading and sharing with me XO

  29. Miss Bhullar on said:

    I’m in love with your writing! I got so lost in all 3 books and I am waiting in anticipation for your 4th :)

  30. Serina Hardin on said:

    I truly, truly appreciate the movie that played in my head as I read your books. Ana and Chance are some of my favorite people. I’m sad they had to say goodbye to a couple of people but that is a part of life. Please hurry with the 4th book, I got to finish the movie. It’s one of the best I have ever seen (in my head or not). May God bless you and yours. Thanks for the part of you that you share with us.

  31. Martha Tweed on said:

    Love the series. Hope the next comes out soon. The story is wonderfully written and we all want to see what happens next.

  32. Barbara Armeni on said:

    I just finish Fledgling. Loved it. Can’t wait to start book 2. Thanks for an enjoyable read!!

  33. Carie on said:

    I loved all three books. I can’t wait for the next one. So excited it’s almost here. I’m so glad a friend referred me to your books. I just can’t wait.

  34. Barbara Bucy on said:

    Just finished book 4. Loved it. Do you have any plans to continue the story? Maybe with Ryann and the baby Jordan as they grow.up.

  35. Mary Thomas on said:

    I have just finished all three of “The Shape Shifter Chronicles”. WOW! GREAT READING! I Woke up @ 3AM this morning just to finish the last book. Any chance you might carry on another book with the kids? Really good reading & I thank you.

    • writersd3sk on said:

      There is a possibility I’ll write more in this world, although at the moment I’m taking a break from The Shapeshifter Chronicles to write another book in my middle grade series for the kids in my classroom :-)

  36. Justin Brady on said:

    Just wanted to let you know, I recently picked up Fledgling from bookbud. I immediately fell in love with it, such a great story. I loved the characters and found myself finishing it way to quickly. So I’ve already bought the second book and look forward to reading it.

  37. I’ve just read your series about chance and Ana I fell in love with them there amazing books and I wish there was more to them are you going to be making any more of this series because I would love to read them I read all 4 books in 4 days I had a hard time putting them down that’s how much I was hooked reading them. Please come out with more to this series
    Thank you
    Jenn J

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Thank you so much! I will be writing more with the series, although I am done with Chance and Ana at this point :-)

  38. D Jon Harrison on said:

    Read your excerpt. You are a good writer. Nice command of the language. I immediately found your work interesting because you paint with words. I am always most impressed with writers who can make me feel like I am there . . . inside and outside of the characters.


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