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  1. Jamie on said:

    I am in love with your books. When will the third boom come out? I cannot wait to read more.

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Hi Jamie,
      I’m so glad you love the series! I JUST finished another project and I’m raring to go on book 3. I don’t have an ETA for you yet as I’ll be trying to write and juggle bored children over the summer, but I hope it’ll be done by the end of the year!
      As always, the best way to show your support of a book you love is to leave a review!
      Thanks again,

  2. krissy on said:

    I love your books and cant wait for the fourth one! Any clue when it will come out?

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Thank you! I’ve begun to write book 4, although I’m not far enough along to estimate a completion date just yet. I will be sure to let everyone know once I get a better idea :-)
      If you feel like showing the love, reviews are always appreciated XO

  3. Really enjoyed, thanks. Characters are so vivid for me. Going to get the next as soon as.

  4. Adelina Ortiz on said:

    Hello just wondering when your last book will be out. I lived all your book…

  5. MYRNA Oktober on said:

    I really loved this book. U an awesome writer. Just wanted to say thank u

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