Ascension (Book 4)


Find out how the series ends with Ascension, book 4 of The Shapeshifter Chronicles.

Haunted by nightly terrors, nineteen-year-old Chance Morgan feels the painful scars left behind by the shapeshifter sickness. The unwelcome voices may be gone, but nothing can erase the memories. Ashamed of his actions, he must face the people he hurt most as he struggles to forgive himself.

While Chance battles his demons, his fiancée Ana Hughes focuses on his rehabilitation and the disappearance of her friend Ryan. With her attentions elsewhere, she begins to have memories from an ancient time, and she fears their implications.

When Ana discovers the source of the visions, she unmasks a primeval enemy and learns that her time in this world is coming to an end. As Chance fights to change her fate, Ana realizes that no matter how hard he tries, her destiny may already be written in the stars.


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2 comments on “Ascension (Book 4)

  1. Emma Lynn on said:

    okay so I’ve read your series and it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever read. And now that I’ve finished it I’m sad that’s it’s over. Will there be a 5th book telling about how chance and Ana grow into a family together with their kids and all? If so please let me know. Much appreciated☺️

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Thank you so much Emma! That’s so sweet of you to say. I’m so happy you enjoyed the series. At present, I don’t have plans to write another in the series, although I may write a few novellas for some of the secondary characters. I’ve promised my elementary students that I’ll write another in my middle grade series, which I’m working on now, then it’ll be on to starting a new series entirely. Sky’s the limit. Thank you for being a loyal reader XOXO

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