Emergent (Book 3)


When eighteen-year old Chance Morgan kills another shapeshifter to save his girlfriend, Ana Hughes, he contracts a dangerous shapeshifting sickness that makes him crave power uncontrollably—and without restraint he’s a threat to the person he loves most. Desperate to keep Ana safe from harm and to find a cure for himself, he abandons her in the Yucatan and escapes into the wilderness. Violent memories and voices surface in his head, creating a dangerous tug-of-war between good and evil.

Companionless and alone, Ana meets a woman who claims to have the same shapeshifting and healing abilities as her and vows to teach Ana the skills to help Chance, but as weeks pass she begins to question if her new mentor truly intends to keep her promise.

With time running out, Ana must find the power within herself to heal Chance before he loses his battle against the powerful voices inside his head.

Release May 2014

12 comments on “Emergent (Book 3)

  1. Andrea M Buginsky on said:

    I can’t wait! I love this series, and I’ve been waiting for the third installment. The cover is gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Catherine Douglass on said:

    This one has a lot of promise to be as thrilling as the ones before have shown to be.

  3. Charnay Ware on said:

    So excited! I just started rereading the series again. =]

  4. Sandra S on said:

    I love the books, can’t wait for the next one!

  5. Maretta on said:

    I have read books 1 & 2 and loved them. Can’t wait to read book 3

  6. Maretta on said:

    Finished reading book 3 and I am soooo wishing there will be a book 4 due to many loose ends. Can I be hopeful?

    • writersd3sk on said:

      Yes, there will be a book 4. I’m still plotting and haven’t done much writing yet, since I want to make sure I cover everything in this one. I believe it will be the completion of Chance and Ana’s story.
      Thanks for reading! Reviews are always appreciated :-)

  7. When will book 4 come out as this is an awesome series

  8. Chezza on said:

    As someone who’s read all three books in a day each, I love the books …but there so short it’s maddening…cant wait for the 4th keep up the great work ^U^

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